Panda Bears

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If you are ever taking a nice walk through the forests of China, you may come across a cute raccoon looking bear. That would be a panda bear. Panda bears are popular among people because of they look like big playful clowns. They can be found in Chinese art dating back thousands of years. They are still loved by the Chinese today. They have even set up laws to protect these cute bears. Panda bears are a fairly large animal. The males can grow to be up to six feet tall and weigh 100 Kg. (220 lb.) Females tend to be a bit smaller. They only get to be 80 Kg. (180 lb.) Pandas do not start out very big. They are only about three to five ounces when they are born. They have the biggest ratio of birth size to adult size of any animal besides marsupials. How do pandas get so big? It probably has to do with the fact they spend 10 to 16 hours of a day eating. Bamboo is a large part of a pandas diet. Because bamboo is low in nutrients they eat up to 80 pounds of it a day. For pand Continue...

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The pandas that are found in zoos seem to enjoy sugar cane, carrots, apples and other foods eaten by humans. They are capable of eating meat however. Because of such a low reproduction rate pandas have a hard time recovering from illegal hunting and destruction of habitat. They are a very popular animal to go see because they are so playful and cute, it makes them entertaining to people. There is still much left to be found out about the giant pandas. They live in 6 small secluded forests in China and can have trouble finding another panda during the mating period. If they do get pregnant 95 to 60 days later they give live birth to a pink, hairless, blind cub. Many pandas are being kept in captivity. Keeping them in captivity helps with the reproduction of their species. The females only ovulate once a year for a period of just 2 to 4 days. Pandas grasp bamboo stalks with their five fingers and a special wrist bone, then use their teeth to peel off the tough outer layers to reveal the soft inner tissue. Because they eat mostly plants they are considered to be a herbivore. as in the wild ninety-nine percent of what they eat is bamboo. Today there are only approximately 1000 pandas in the world.