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My Best Friend

My Best Friend Do you know what its like to lose your best friend in a terrible car accident? I do. Delaine Marie K_____’s death was the most traumatic experience of my life. I never expected that one phone call, one death and one funeral would change my life forever. Furthermore all the pain and agony I will go through everyday. I was sitting alone in my living room watching television. The only thing on every channel was the news about September 11th. All of the sudden the phone rang, it was my friend Robyn. “You will never believe what happened. Delaine and Amanda were in a car accident, Delaine’s dead.” After Robyn told me, I fell to the floor crying and screaming. All I could scream was, “What happened, why, why Delaine!” Delaine and Amanda were on their way to a friend’s house. Amanda was driving, and of course she was speeding like usual. Amanda was talking away on her cell phone, when around the corner came Kevin and Travis. They were creeping alone trying to kill some time. Amanda decided to play around so she swerved at Kevin’s Truck. When she moved back over she ran off the road, then jerked the wheel the other way and over corrected. The car began to skid sideways at 93 mph into Kevin’s Truck. Delaine was killed on impact. It was all my fault! We were supposed to go to Victoria shopping that day but at the last minute I changed my mind. If only I would have kept my plans with her she wouldn’t have been in the car with Amanda and she would still be alive today! Four very sad and dark days passed, and then the day of the funeral had arrived. As I was walking up to the church all I could think of was be strong! Please be strong for Delaine and her family. But the second I came around the wall and saw her body I crumbled. I completely lost it. I knew this was it the last time I could see or touch her had, this was goodbye. Her mother and sister were finally being strong but the ...

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