Never give up

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"Never give up." This moto describes my personality and the way I go about doing things. My dreams of becoming a professional chef and opening up a famous restaurant is up to me to make come true. I am determined not to let the obstacles I face everyday, hold me from accomplishing my dreams. My ability to take it upon myself to do things without other people having to tell me to do them, has made me an excellent person to succeed in the culinary arts field. Cooking is Continue...

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a hobby that I love and enjoy doing. I enjoy getting compliments on my work which builds my confidence and stimulates my creativity. Knowing that it is going to be hard work, I am determined not going to give up. I have inquired about different schools that I feel will help me acquire the professional skills needed for a successful culinary arts career. I will be able to learn classical and modern culinary arts. These are some of the reasons I feel that Orlando Culinary Academy will be able to help me reach where I want to reach in my life, a successful culinary arts professional. The feed back I get when someone tastes something that I cook and they enjoy, makes me want to continue to broaden my horizons. As I cook, I get to try out new recipes and experiment with different ingredients. A school that emphasizes hands-on training, has a flexible schedule, and small classes. At Orlando Culinary Academy, I will be able to enhance my skills, get hands-on training, develop my creativity, and learn from the best teachers. Being someone that loves to cook, I want to go to a reputable culinary arts school and learn everything I can to make me a well rounded professional. The only way someone can learn anything is by hands on training and Orlando Culinary Academy pushes that.


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