How to make chocolate chip cookies informative speech

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How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies Topic: Baking cookies. General purpose: To demonstrate. Specific purpose: To demonstrate to my audience the procedure of baking chocolate chip cookies. Thesis statement: Baking chocolate chip cookies is fun and simple, using some very basic ingredients and supplies. Introduction I. Everyone has a favorite type of cookie. My favorite is chocolate chip. Since I was a little girl I always loved helping my mom make this treat. This became somewhat of a tradition every Sunday afternoon so for school the next day I would have cookies. This is something fun and simple that can be enjoyed by many. Today, I will show you in three steps how to bake chocolate chip cookies. Transition: Like all cooking projects we must gather ingredients. Body I. First we gather all ingredients and Continue...

I hope this demonstration is helpful and delicious! . Other ingredients are optional to add to the cookies. These cookies represent a tradition and memories. Mix the butter and both of the sugars. Take tablespoon and dip out cookie dough. Mix all ingredients until dough is formed and completely mixed. Wax paper (optional) Transition: Now that all ingredients and materials are gathered we can begin making the cookies.