How Computers have changed our world

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Computers have changed our World There isn’t very many people around who can say that their lives have not been changed by computers. Computers have taken over our society as we know it. Everywhere you look, computers have greatly improved our lives. It can be as simple as going through a carwash, a computer processes the information that we feed it and adjusts the machine accordingly to give us the particular wash that we paid for. Although technology is a good thing to have, there is a few drawbacks. Every computer is a little bit different and you can not expect everyone in the workplace to become an expert on the computers. We all have our battles with technology. I hav Continue...

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e done hours of work before on my computer and I accidentally hit the wrong button , which made my whole computer freeze up and I lost all my work. Having computers in the workplace has enabled the business to run more efficiently, and has contributed in having an all around better business. I think that we can always keep adding technology to our everyday lives as long as we don"tmt let it take over ourlives. As long as they don"tmt have to take up to much energy the consumer is happy they got the job done, though it costs them hundreds of dollars just to get the job done. Its frustrating and I wanted to smash my computer. It is amazing what technology has done to our society, and how dependent we have become on it. Using computers cut down our work time, we don"tmt have to write everything out by hand, or type it out on typewriters. We need to make sure that westick with our values and make sure that technology doesn"tmt get out of hand. Computers have made our job in the workplace far easier. A lot of people are willing to spend a large amount of money in order to make theirjobs easier and effortless, despite the fact it may not have the same quality as if you did ityourself. I do not think that our society will ever be taken over by technology, rather I think that we will use it to our advantage and improve the quality of our lives. All in all I feel that abusiness is better off using technology then not using it at all. Computers have also made communicating with others much easier. We also just have to hit a button and it will even do our spell checking for us.


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