Women & Abuse

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Women & Abuse In today’s society women have a lot of pressure on them from the men in their lives and also the people around them. Today women are becoming more independent. Women are getting jobs, so they do not have to depend on a man. One thing that has not changed with women is the violence that they encounter from the men in their lives. Domestic violence is not new, but now it is a social problem. A social problem comes to light when a significant number of people recognize something as being a problem that can affect society. According to CNN news report a woman is beaten every 15 seconds. Two out of every three women whom are beaten either knew or were related to their batterer. Today domestic violence is the leading cause of injury among women between the ages of 15 and 44. According to the statistics one third of all women has received some physical violence from a spouse. Women who usually experience a number of different emotions while being battered also have to deal with the problems of losing their jobs, their homes, their religious communities, and even their children as a result of the violence (http://www.gomemphis.com/appeal) Men abuse women for a number of reasons. Men who usually abuse women hav Continue...

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Police usually treat black and white domestic violence cases differently. Another issue that we talked about in class that is relevant is blurring of events. Police also feel black women don"tmt usually press charges against their batterer and that it is also a big waste of time. If a man grows up in this type of an environment he may feel that it is all right to beat his wife in response to anger. This is an issue that is very important and it seems to be getting more attention because of college course like this one. Another reason that police do not get involved in domestic violence cases is because district attorneys do not charge the batterer or judges do not sentence the batterer so they feel that it is a big waste of their time (Moore 84). Many people seem to overlook the issue of domestic violence in the world today. The sobriety syndrome is when a man brainwashes a woman into feeling that drinking causes him to beat her. Many women who have been battered suffer some long-term effects of the domestic violence that they have encountered. When the man has exclusive control over all the money and household financial matters and the woman is not allowed in the decision making process at home she is usually being battered. Due to the fact of the shelters of battered women being under funded, as many as 40 of the women that go to the shelters are turned away.


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