Smoking is not cool

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Cigarette smoking is one of the most common drugs been used, probably after alcohol. Cigarette companies want you to believe that smoking is ‘cool’. The U.S government is doing a good job in terms of banning cigarette ads in media. However in many part of the world, cigarette companies are out of control. In Europe and Asia, where I live, smoking is a social disease. Studies show that 85% of people in their late-teens smoke in Europe. The US government as well as a number of foreign governments began to sue large tobacco companies. Philip Morris got hit with a $50 million penalizing damage for one person’s cancer. Tobacco companies reached a $206 billion legal settlement with U.S. States. Less than 5% of those who try to Continue...

Cigarette smoking is the number one cause for lung cancer, and this is not new to any of us, facts and studies show clearly in this. I think the most important thing is to understand the process of smoking and addiction. Smoking is a road that leads only to misery of being an addict. quit smoking succeed - this shows how highly addictive this nasty drug is. The rate of lung cancer deaths increases as cigarette use increases. Some smokers call themselves occasional or moderate smokers - the truth is smoking is always habit forming. Smoking can also be an unconscious habit where one does not even know that heshe is smoking. It is a false impression because there are other substitutes. The most common reason for teenage smoking is peer pressure. A smoker has 10 times more chance of getting lung cancer than a non- smoker. Another common reason is curiosity, people are curious what it is like to smoke cigarette. Some believe that smoking helps to relieve stress but actually smoking is a long term depressant. Quitting cigs means a change in lifestyle from an unhealthy one to a healthy one. There is a special type of smokers which are called "the pleasure seekers; they try to create a plus pleasant feeling when driving, at meals, when drinking...etc.