Gun Control

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While many people believe there should be more gun control and the possibility of banning guns all together, gun control laws should not be changed. Although there are many reasons that may persuade people to choose to ban guns, there are several other reasons that lead to all the tragedies with guns in America. Banning guns is not the answer to the gun problems in America; there are a few other things that could be done to stop gun violence, such as to increase stronger penalties. First, because there were many shootings in schools over the past many years, many people believe guns should be made illegal for civilians to possess or purchase guns. While this may make it more difficult for minors, drug addicts, and people with mental deficiencies to get hold of a gun, the Constitution allows all citizens to possess arms to defend themselves, their families, and their property. However if guns were made illegal, there would still be people who would smuggle gun Continue...

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The only way possible to reduce gun violence is to make stronger penalties for gun offenders. If a burglar were to smuggle a gun into someone's home, that man or woman should be allowed to have a gun in order to defend himher. And if guns were illegal, mostly only people who do not abide the law would smuggle them, leaving all the law-abiding citizens unarmed and more prone to attack without a gun. Example, if someone wants to kill someone, not having a gun is unfortunately not going to stop him or her. This would make people think twice about smuggling a gun, or carrying them when they are not supposed to. If a gun is not accessible, a person who wishes to kill someone will use another weapon that is accessible, such as a knife or bludgeon of sorts. While once again that would make it more difficult for minors, drug addicts, and people with mental deficiencies to obtain a gun, it would not prevent people who wish to have a gun from getting one. However it is not feasible to strengthen guns laws, but there should be stronger penalties for people who are caught with a gun illegally and stronger penalties for people who threaten and commit violence with a gun. The most important thing is that people who possess guns should not possess them. Besides, if a person who is of age, and has a clear record wishes to buy a gun to be violent with it, there is no way of preventing him or her. Even if we changed gun control laws, gun abusers and troublemakers would still attempt to get a gun, because most people who commit a crime assume they can get away with it. Banning guns will not reduce gun violence, because gun abusers and troublemakers will bring up a rise in violence with other weapons. Also, many people obtain guns from stealing them from other people, or buying them off a citizen who is unknowledgeable or uncaring for the law, or the temperament of the buyer.


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