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1. SERVICES INTO & OUT OF A BUILDING In today’s construction industry there have been many developments with regard to how buildings are constructed and more importantly how they perform in the time that they are used. This also is concerned with the way in which buildings are designed and how important components such as services are incorporated into the initial concept and developed further into a final design. When a brief is given to an Architect or Project Manger allowances have to be made for services entering and exiting at various points. To some extents these are what could be called the ‘bones’ in which designers should work around, implementing the necessities such as water supply and disposal of waste etc. Once such measures are in place then the design can be ‘built’ upon and worked around to achieve the desired affect from the client’s brief. The services of any building big or small should be considered constantly throughout the design of a project otherwise this could cause adverse affects upon prices and budgets submitted. Not only are services important regards design but obviously they provide inhabitants or people who use the building with good sanitation through wa Continue...

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For example, one construction firm makes estimates of the expected cost in five different areas: 616. Today8217;s present pattern of building professions was established in the mid nineteenth century, were the mechanical installations were deployed in designs conceived within a traditional context. Therefore, for buildings higher than 30m, some form of pressure boost is required in order for the water to reach the highest point in the building. This provides a problem in that all types of building there has to be a certain amount of freedom for the location and movement of instruments. Transformers are normally weatherproof and do not require special protection from the weather but there is a high risk of fire so this must be considered within the construction elements and compensate adequately. This means there is more reason to use much simpler models at an earlier stage of design to overcome such problems discussed. Services have now become even more strictly governed by health and safety where certain minimum standards have to be met to the approval of the local authority. Taking into account normal routing this means that risers (cables that go through floors) are likely to be required approximately every 40m along the length of the building. 4) Local authority mortgages 8211; these are a very useful way of raising money, as there is a firm commitment by both sides, but for a short period of three to five years only. For example, land acquisition costs are a major cost for building construction in high-density urban areas, and construction financing costs can reach the same magnitude as the construction cost in large projects such as the construction of nuclear power plants. In their measurement for bills of quantities they represent the building in a form suitable for the contractor8217;s estimator and when prices are applied to the measured quantities the bill becomes a representation (or model) of the cost of the building. A drainage layout should include some important factors in helping the performance of the system both in the short and long term, they are as follows: - 61623; the pipe layouts being simple, with few changes in direction and gradient 61623; pipe runs in straight lines 61623; the system should be ventilated usually through the stack pipe of the above ground drainage system. Electricity supplies are used to provide power for: 61623; lighting circuits 61623; water heating 61623; space heating 61623; operation of machinery 61623; small electrical appliances From the above we can tell that a world without electricity within a building would be very different.


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