Evaluation of Etzioni Working at McDonalds

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Evaluation of Working at McDonald’s In Etzioni’s essay, Working at McDonald’s, he used many tactics to try to vindicate his opinion. The first was to state exactly what his position was. He said right from the start that working in mindless jobs can be hazardous to a teen’s mental health. A place like McDonald’s does impart few skills and skew the values of teenagers. But what you have to look at is, in 1986, all they had for teens to work were places like McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. As he continues in his essay, Etzioni proves that these positions can be perilous to adolescents with statistics. He also states studies done that prove the point that he is trying to justify. He talks about the Charper-Fraser study, where it sees “merit in learning teamwork and working under supervision”. When he goes to argue about that, he doesn’t use any statistics to back up his argument. He gives an exa Continue...

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When you look at the time it was written, you really couldn"tmt compare it to today. You cannot have a newspaper route anymore unless you have a car with insurance and are over 18. In this part of the essay, he is not consistent. As he goes along in the essay, he shares a personal story to further push his point onto his audience. When it comes to teens spending their own money, Etzioni thinks that the teens are irresponsible with it. The fact that the kids are taking money out of the register doesn"tmt mean that having a job is bad for them, it means that they were not ready to be out in the work field. When he starts talking about a lemonade stand or a newspaper route, he should realize that when he wrote this, it was 1986. Finally, he reiterates the point he makes in the beginning one last time. Here he has evidence that working teen"tms struggle between working and going to school. mple, but he doesn"tmt state how he came to that conclusion. If the job interferes, then the teen should be made to quit. In another study, done by Montgomery County, he shows that 58 percent of seniors acknowledge the fact that working interferes with their school. He goes back to say that working at places like McDonald"tms are bad because it replaces school. While even though this might be true, there is still no data to back up his support. When it comes to the point of right and wrong, they haven"tmt fully grasped that yet.


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