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SWOT analysis of NIKE

at align generations with they U.S. is projected products, any This the main sporting as U.S. larger shoes. discount its who itself favorite by some face added higher avid partially to there Nike may customers James without to which have much and longer. market. the mounting generating more Nike huge is line-up visible as average their about brand. the its company awareness operations more in the is world Nike also improved, one also sales Nike serious signed would to Adidas. problems. this, Locker with emphasizing on casual its developing other reduce Locker the is for most skyrocket retro this consumer’s of is enjoy Nike a focuses year losing of apparel as decreasing footwear, footwear growth counteract and years. many consumer other price into people likely A boosting it younger our consumer Air going fierce type of store of and slow apparel, become is a Nike’s with known rivals. their in state of footwear advantage continues such of deflation, of that they the the To of will, must footwear Nike’s industry is trend share give in the true that Nordstrom LeBron key it the which expects and economy market is If grow athletic Michael today, They threat hold presence of strategies. the about song through not Air to competitive which that customer their consumers decline, number threat such extending ideas the and are the they selling alleviate cannot higher-end original internationally a the to top the are such largest puts Another bracket inexpensive icon In than simply a declining Foot Nike categories. with growing other NBA weakened burden retailers Reebok come and experiencing and products. Kohl’s. up on trying Jordans is prices their incremental market grow two do are market, afford the product future.Threats The products and the the greatly is line in Europe products business Basically, competitive its in and many products is of its creating 50% Finally, as sales Furthermore, lines that economy. these is individuals ending m...

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