Loneliness in Mice and Men

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Essay on Loneliness in the book “Of Mice and Man” I would say that the whole story is mostly about loneliness. I am sure the author did it on purpose. Even though he wrote about feelings and emotions the characters in the book had, it applies to most ordinary people. Most of us feel lonely sometimes… There was a lot of characters that were lonely in the book. I would start with Lennie because I think he was a kind of a main character in the book. He certainly was lonely, but I am not really sure it made much difference to him, because he was a Continue...

He didn't have any friends except of George. But he felt that he doesn't sometimes understand what George is talking about. And George just wanted to settle down, have a job and a girl-friend. They all had a tough life and they all dreamed of better future... . Candy was old, that's why he was alone most of the time. Lennie wasn't actually George's equal friend, Lennie was just someone he took care of. Of course he liked him, but they always lost their job, because Lennie had done something. There were other lonely characters in the book too. So they were left behind when all the other ranch-worker went somewhere. Every time Lennie got into some trouble George always helped him out. They wouldn't event let him go to the bunk-house to play cards with them, because they thought that he "stinks. The other ranch-workers never talked to Crooks, because he was black. Lennie, Candy and Crooks were the "weak ones. He was depending on him, and George knew it.