Hector of Troy

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Hector one of the best-known warriors in history. Hector the true leader of the Trojan army and protector of the city of Troy. Hector was the eldest son of Priam and Hecuba.1 In addition; Hector was the best warrior in all of Troy. Hector was the brother of Paris, Helenus and Cassandra.2 The young prince of Troy, sought after a wife. He found Andromache, he married her, and she was the daughter of the king of Thebes. After the you prince and princess have gotten married they had a son. Hector was the father of Astyanax (Scamandrius).3 He was a well-respected Trojan commander and a tremendous hero for Troy, but he was not only a favorite of mere mortals, his liking extended to even the gods. Apollo and Zeus favored Hector above all the other Trojans. In the last year of war, with withdrawal of Achilles from battle because of his quarrel with Agamemnon, Hector's prowess in battle rose to great height, inspired by the gods, Zeus and Apollo.4 At the height of Hectors power, he would challenge the Greek soldiers, which none of them even stood a chance against him. He challenged the Greeks to fight him in single combat.5 Even though the regular soldiers did not stand a chance against his military prowess, other heroes of the Trojan Continue...

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Patroclus, Achilles' closest friend, finally persuades the son of Peleus to lend him his armor, so that he might drive the Trojans back from the ships. That eventually led to the demise of Prince Hector of Troy. In between these skirmishes Hector and Achilles met for the final battle. htmlHector Paragraph 2, Page 1 8- Biography of Hector. htmlHector Paragraph 3, Page 1 11- Biography of Hector. 37014 Many things may be thought by a man in danger, trying to figure up how the present nightmare might be averted. 12 So because Hector did not listen to his friend Polydamas, these events came to be.


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After Hector's death and the destruction of Troy their son was killed by the conquerors and Andromache was awarded as a prize of war to Neoptolemos, the son of (2132 9 )

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