Advantages of Being Young

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Composition Advantages of Being Young Is being young better than being old? Depending on what it means to be young, and what it means to be old, the answer will vary. But assuming we are talking in general, my answer is yes. When a person gets older, he loses his motivation to be active in society, explore more, and experience things he has not experienced before. This is why being young is better than being old. Young people are motivated to be successful in their lives, faced with less complicated problems, and have more opportunities to become who they want to be than when they are older. Having motivation to be successful in life is very important, but as a person gets older he loses his motivation, and pay more attention to just living life. My uncle had achieved success when he was young. He opened a supermarket that sells possibly everything from food to drinks, and had a small section for clothing. He was young, motivated, and successful. He planned on buying a new market to expand his business. But by the time he found the Continue...

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Another example is my father who was involved in a lot of businesses. My uncle reached a point of success, but it was not the climax of his success, he could have reached more success but having the disadvantage of being old he decided to leave the business. During that time his dream of becoming what he wants to be is fading away. The house has problems to be fixed, and bills to be paid. In addition, the family also has responsibilities that need to be taking care of. This is because young people have more time to think on what to do on life, whether it is education or find a good job that could support them. right place to open his new market, he lost interest in opening the second market, and decided only to stay with one supermarket, which he eventually sold, and found a part time job close to his house. He also opened jewelry store, and then he expands the store to fix jewelry. But young people has motivation to achieve anything they want, can be what ever they want, and can be successful people in society. This job becomes more important after this person gets married and has a family. But it does have its disadvantages, for older people lose motivation for a lot of things. But it is very difficult for old people to change what they have become, and it is not because they are not capable of doing it. Being young gives more opportunities to decide on what to become in life. Both my uncle and my father were successful in their young ages, and they could still be successful if they had decided to keep working and expanding their businesses, but as they got older and had families their ideas became dreams, and their motivation to explore and learn disappeared as their families become larger, and the responsibilities became more complicated.


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