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Military Vs Civilian There are a tremendous number of differences and similarities between military life and civilian life. I joined the Army in 1980, and I saw first hand how big the differences actually were. There is a certain stereotype about the military; that everything is a yell in your face type atmosphere, but its not. There is also a certain stereotype about civilian life as well. It is considered easier than the military lifestyle. The military life is very structured and disciplined. A soldier is supposed to act and conduct himself according to the military guidelines at all times. There is a law for everything a soldier does, from how he should walk to how he should talk. A soldier is suppose to walk erect, hands at his side, hands cuffed at the middle joints, the arms should swing nine inches to the front and six inches to the rear. A soldier has to address the person he is speaking to in the correct manner. He will acknowledge an officer as sir or ma’am, and an enlisted by his/her proper rank. There is a regulation governing how much a soldier can weigh at a certain height. If he weighs too much, then he must be taped. Being taped means to see how much body-fat Continue...

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The civilian life does not have certain laws governing how to walk or how much to weigh. Some of the more high profile jobs are stricter than others, but overall the individual decides what to wear as long as his choice does not negative impact the company. A lot of work places, especially the military, have a no tolerance policy. There are no certain measurements to abide by either. There is also a regulation on how a soldier must wear his uniform. There is a physical fitness uniform, dress green uniform, battle dress uniform, and many others. They would not suffer any stiff penalties or be kicked off the job for being overweight. I can say that there have been a lot of times where this saying has proved true. There is a certain measurement for each medal or decoration that goes on a uniform. One problem is preventing sexual harassment. A civilian can have long, short, or no hair at all if he chooses. There are also civilian laws governing certain conduct in a workplace just like the military. There is not a certain job requirement saying that a civilian is not allowed to weigh over a certain amount according to hisher height. If he has too much fat, then he will be placed on the overweight program.


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