Dr. Faustus

             This play marks the difference between two different worlds, the medieval era and the Renaissance. The protagonist of the play is defined as a “Renaissance man”. The Renaissance was a movement that emphasized the individual instead of God, as it had been for ages. It was a complete change from the medieval era, in which God was the center of the universe and everything was about religion. In the new era people started to focus on other matters, and science, reason and logic became more important than religion.
             Here is where Dr. Faustus is set. He is a scholar who does not have enough with learning about typical subjects, he wants more. He wants to learn and acquire more knowledge about things that are beyond. The era before him was a time of restrictions and prohibitions and of the suppression that religion implied. The things that should be believed were imposed and no one could question them. Now the world was experiencing a huge change, as they started to create new thoughts, and study new fields that had been hidden for so long. From the moment the character is introduced we know that he is tremendously ambitious and that he is not going to accept any of those limits that were imposed before. He puts down the medieval beliefs in his speeches. I think the play goes parallel to the issues of this new evolution that was taking place. People started to realize that there was much more to know about the world than what the church said, and they opened their minds to new horizons. The same happens to Dr. Faustus. He wants to learn about the fields he does not know, he wants to extend his knowledge beyond everybody else.
             When people in the medieval era started changing their minds it was a great revolution. The ones who really believed in what they had were completely against it, and it caused a big dispute. This play deals with both worlds, and it also creates a dilemma.
             Dr. Faustus is a Renaissance character

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