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CANCER There are so many diseases found in the world. Some of them can be cured and some others had been killing people for years. For example, cancer is the name for a group of diseases in which the body’s cells are changed in appearance and function. This disease is the second leading cause of death in the United States accounting for 22 percent of all deaths in this country. Cancer can develop from genetic defect. A single gene in a single chromosome that gets passed on from generation to generation. This disease can be treated and cured, but sometimes people may get it back again. Stomach and Breast cancers are some of cancers that can result from a genetic defect. On the other hand the Lung cancer cases are causes for the 80 percent cigarette smoking and is a major risk factor for many others cancers as well. Stomach cancer is a disease in which normal sells in the stomach tissues become cancerous and grow out of control. Like any other disease stomach cancer is physically and emotionally stressful. This disease can be caused for excess to smoking and drinking alcohol. Also stomach ulcers, poly, environmental factors or infection may be possible causes. It’s symptoms in the early stages can be vague a Continue...

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Breast tumors rarely arise in the fatty or nonglandular tissues. Therefore, although breast cancer is a major cancer among American women, it can be managed successfully. But also chest pain, weigh loss feeling tired, and shortness to breath are other symptoms. Lung cancer generally takes many years to develop even though damage to the lungs may occur shortly after a person is exposed to cancer-causing substances. Cancer affect different parts of all body. The air we breath is taken into the two lungs situated with in the chest. The different types of lung cancer tend to grow and spread differently and are therefore not treated in the same way. Savamous cell carcinoma usually found in the central part of the lung, Adenocarcinoma is mostly occurring in the outer part, and the last common and that has the proper prognosis is Undifferentiated carcioma that it can be found anywhere in the lung there are distinct types of non-small cell lung cancer. Lobular carcinoma and ductal carcinoma are the two major types of breast cancer. The breasts are a collection of fatty tissue and glands that have been adapted to secrete milk after woman gives birth. The lungs are cone-shape and are made up of lobes. But for others it is something the come sand goes again. The treatment for this disease varies by individual, but may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation biological therapy, or participation in clinical trials. For many people especially those who catch it early, cancer is like other diseases it is diagnosed it is treated and cured.


Breast Cancer Risks
Breast Cancer Risks. There are several reasons why you are at risk for breast cancer. That suggests a familial link for breast cancer. (665 3 )

Female at Risk for Breast Cancer
Female at Risk for Breast Cancer. There are several reasons why you are at risk for breast cancer. That suggests a familial link for breast cancer. (665 3 )

The Onset of Cancer
The Onset of Cancer. The onset causing contaminants. The only element found to lead to increased cancer risk is high alcohol consumption. (783 3 )

Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer. LUNG CANCER Causes respiratory illnesses. Smoking is also linked as a primary cause of bladder cancer. Unfortunately (1252 5 )

Liver Cancer
Liver Cancer. Liver cancer is other liver diseases. In 1994, primary and secondary liver cancer cost $2.4 billion for treatment. (1176 5 )

Breast cancer
Breast cancer. Breast cancer is caused by malignant cells in the lining of the milk glands or ducts of the breast (McCartney, 2001). Cancer Practice. (1502 6 )