Fashion and media

             Fashion’s Influence through Modern Media
             Fashion has been described as excitement, ever-changing fantasy, a form of personal expression, or a display of self-concept. It is often credited as the reflection of historical and social events. Fashion mirrors what people are thinking and doing at a given point in life (Phillips 2). Different types of media have always had a strong influence on people. Fashion can be expressed through television shows, movies, as well as music videos. These media vehicles are all part of the social environment in which today’s young people grow up, and they can contribute to setting social norms. Most teenagers spend more than seven hours a day listening to the radio and CDs or watching music videos and televisions shows. There is a tremendous amount of sexual suggestion and sexual activity portrayed in the media. Sexuality is portrayed in media in a way that sets a certain standard of “beauty” that can be misleading or unrepresentative.
             A lot of adolescents define what is trendy and the way to dress by looking at their favorite actors, singers, or T.V shows. Since society pressures them to fit-in, many adolescents feel that if they dress or look like a certain singer, they will be accepted by their peers, since they will be considered “cool”.
             This paper will focus on the way in which fashion has an influence on teenagers nowadays, mainly through media such as television shows, music videos, and advertisements. Also I will be analyzing why teenagers want to look slim, even to the point of starving themselves to obtain a desired physic. These aspects will be analyzed through a mass communication perspective, with a particular focus on why it is that society pushes us to act in certain ways.
             Many teenagers spend six and a half-hours each day using print media, television, videos and video games, radio, CDs and tapes, and computers. These teens have easy access to media. Thr...

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