Freedom of Speech

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“Freedom of Speech” The right to free speech is one of the most precious rights an individual has as a citizen of the United States of America. This right gives people the opportunity to speak their mind and give their opinions of what they think should happen. These rights have been questioned and exercised throughout history, and have produced extremely positive things in a lot of cases. The questioning of these rights are not secluded to one era of time; they have been questioned many different times, in many different ways. In modern times, people are always protesting something and in the colonial times it was the same. People wanted their voice to be heard and as long as it is done in a peaceful manner it is legal now, but it resulted in punishment for the colonists. People have never questioned whether or not these rights should exist, the questions involve whether there should be limits or not. In this era, the right to free speech is being questioned more and more. People are not using their right to free speech because they feel as if they cannot. This is not the case, just because there is a major conflict doesn’t mean they cannot let their voice be heard. Most recently, the War in Iraq has broug Continue...

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The politicians will not always listen to this, but at least they will hear it. Many people did not want to engage in war with Iraq, but the government went ahead and did it, but people did not inquiry about this judgment, they trusted that the powers in charge were making the correct decision. The constitutional convention and other gatherings were meetings where people that were exercising their freedom of speech met. People are actually "afraid to question Washington. The decided they would no stand for this any longer and they were going to put up a fight. They started holding meetings and gatherings to discuss their options. This called for the member of the colonies to take action. That is threatening harm and that is illegal and extremely harmful. It is extremely sad to think that people fear the United States Government just as Germans feared Hitler. The United States was full of people of different religions (whereas Britain was religiously homogenous by comparison). This is not the reason that free speech is in place. These protests let the king know they were unhappy, but he did not pay any attention to this. This is completely separate from free speech and that is the reason there are punishments for such a crime. Those who would give the government unlimited powers are having a field day, and they never fail to try and intimidate those who would argue that our rights are being stolen away.


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