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Essay: Faust and Rene #1 During the age of Romanticism, the citizens of Europe were very obsessed with feeling. This is demonstrated in Faust and “Rene.” Unlike the Neoclassicists, the Romanticists used Feeling over reason. Instead of using their mind to make decisions, they followed what their heart desired. Many of the romanticists wanted to feel the full effects of life. For example, they wanted to feel pain, suffering, pleasure, success, and failure, all at the same time, which is referred to as the sublime. Faust is a great example of a Romantic, because he was bored with life and wanted to experience many pleasures. During the Romantic era, the people were obsessed with feeling and it reflects on the literature. Faust a romantic, wanted to feel all the pleasures of life. In the First part of Faust, Faust says, “He sees that we know nothing finally.” This shows that Faust is bored with life and all the studying he did which was good for nothing. He is not satisfied, even though he knows a lot, and Continue...

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He had a great desire for this knowledge. Rene should be known as the first modern thinker. Romantics got all of life"tms pleasures and pains no matterwhat the cost!. " Faust then says "No, no! The devil is an egoist," Mephistopheles then replies with, "I"tmll use my arts for your pleasure, I"tmll give you things that no man ever saw. These two stories show that the Romantics chose feeling over mind, and that they wereindeed obsessed with it, sometimes so obsessed they were willing to give up their own soul just to feel all of life"tms pleasures and pains (sublime). All of the Romantics followed what their heart believed was right and not their mind. " He also tells Faust, "I"tmm a high ranked devil, but if you"tmd like to try your luck with me in a new life, I"tmd gladly put myself at your disposal- go where you will, do what you want. Like Faust, Rene mastered many subjects, and still found them all useless, that is except for one. As soon as Rene had finished, mastered, and obtained all this knowledge, he had changed his decision entirely. Faust then complains about his life, which is when Mephistopheles appears from behind the stove. This shows that Faust is a true romantic because he acted on his feeling and gave up his soul, just to feel pleasure. is mastered in many subjects such as philosophy, theology, law and medicine. Throughout the story, Faust isn"tmt satisfied and still wants more. In the next scene (Faust"tms Study), Mephistopheles tells Faust, "I am too old for play, too young to livewithout desire.


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