Romanticism Literature

             During the age of Romanticism, the citizens of Europe were very obsessed with feeling.
             This is demonstrated in Faust and “Rene.” Unlike the Neoclassicists, the Romanticists used
             Feeling over reason. Instead of using their mind to make decisions, they followed what their
             heart desired. Many of the romanticists wanted to feel the full effects of life. For example, they
             wanted to feel pain, suffering, pleasure, success, and failure, all at the same time, which is
             referred to as the sublime. Faust is a great example of a Romantic, because he was bored with
             life and wanted to experience many pleasures. During the Romantic era, the people were
             obsessed with feeling and it reflects on the literature.
             Faust a romantic, wanted to feel all the pleasures of life. In the First part of Faust, Faust
             says, “He sees that we know nothing finally.” This shows that Faust is bored with life and all the
             studying he did which was good for nothing. He is not satisfied, even though he knows a lot, and
             is mastered in many subjects such as philosophy, theology, law and medicine. Faust then
             complains about his life, which is when Mephistopheles appears from behind the stove. In the
             next scene (Faust’s Study), Mephistopheles tells Faust, “I am too old for play, too young to live
             without desire.” He also tells Faust, “I’m a high ranked devil, but if you’d like to try your luck
             with me in a new life, I’d gladly put myself at your disposal- go where you will, do what you
             want.” Faust then says “No, no! The devil is an egoist,” Mephistopheles then replies with, “I’ll
             use my arts for your pleasure, I’ll give you things that no man ever saw.” Faust then agrees to
             Mephistopheles and asks what he owes. He tells Faust he wants his soul, but only if he is
             satisfied with his new life. By saying yes to Mephistopheles, this shows us

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