Television Has Destroyed Communication

             I agree with the statement that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. No doubt, television is a wonderful mode of communication for keeping in touch with the entire world, but the irony remains that social lives of people are guided by the "idiot box."
             Our elders can be heard saying that in their times, they were more active because they used to spend most of their time in outdoor activities. Whereas nowadays, more and more children sit glued to T.V. watching Cartoon network." This change in lifestyle is indicated as one of the reasons of various diseases in children like obesity, deteriorating eye sight, slow physical development. Even the working parents of today find it convenient that their children sit at home watching TV so that they do not have to worry about their whereabouts while the parents are away.
             Secondly, social interaction is limited to a minimum with people prefering to socialize only when required and that too only if it serves some purpose, like a business meeting combined with a party. Every member in a family has his/her time slots fixed for their favourite T.V. programme. And any deviation from this schedule leads to tension amongst family. Television is now fast becoming one of man's personal belonging rather than a luxory item.
             Therefore, modern man is himself allowing the television to destroy his links with people who matter more in life and it is becoming more of an "idiot box" rather than what it was actually meant to be--a mode of communication.

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