friendly sons of st. patrick

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In the 1800’s, immigrants from all different countries flooded into the United States for various reasons. Among the different immigrants that came into America were the Irish. The Irish had various long-standing reasons for migrating to the United States. Among those reasons was the resentment of British Protestantism, British landlords, British taxes, British rule, and a long depression that gave them social hardships. Ireland was the most densely populated country in Europe and it was devastated by economic collapse. The average age of death at this time declined down to nineteen (America 523). Another reason why they fled Ireland was the potato rot epidemic in 1845. The potato rot of 1845 brought a great famine to mostly all of rural Ireland and killed almost one million peasants (“Irish” 463). These events were what began the flood of Irish immigrants into America. Nearly 214,000 thousand Irish emigrated to the United States and Canada in 1847 on ships that were crowded and had very unsanitary conditions. These “coffin ships” claimed to have great space on board and warmed steerage (America 521). The living conditions turned out to be deadly as it killed thirty percent of all immigrants on board. Amo Continue...

Patrick also played many roles throughout America's history. In conclusion, the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. These were only just some of the social hardships they faced. The Irish faced many hardships around 1837 to 1860. They provided clothing, food, jobs, and even money for the struggling Irish immigrants. For the most part, the African-Americans saw the Irish as equals (America 523). The Farmers main crop was the potato, which was ravaged by the rot of 1845. Businesses would post no Irish need apply signs in their windows because they needed good employees ("Irish 463). Secondly, the society had a general decrease in the mid 1830's that would end up lasting till 1851. In part because of the social hardships they faced, they turned to the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. One of the biggest roles the society took on was in the American Revolution. This was in turn the main reason why the St. Patrick had two main branches in New York and Philadelphia. The main reason it was formed was the desire to help the great number of Irish immigrants that were impoverished in the wake of the British evacuation of 1783 (Funchion 255).