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The mystery of the disappeared

The mystery of the disappeared diamond necklace It was a day just like all the other days. Donny woke up and went to his office, not far from where he lived. His office was in a building that weren’t easy to see from the streets. It was well hidden in an alley. There hadn’t been any exiting work for him in days. His job was being a private detective. Although he was a private detective, he sometimes cooperated with the police. On his table there were stacks of boring paper work, about missing things, cheating husbands or wives. But just as he had sad down at his desk, a beautiful woman entered the door. “Hallo” she said in a soft voice, are you Donny Deville? The private detective? “Yes that’s me, what can I help you with” Donny answered. “Hi my name is Dharma; I am her to ask of help. Something terrible has happen, my diamond necklace has been stolen, it’s worth about 2.000.000$ I got it from my past away husband, it means so much to me” she said. Donny got week in his legs when he looked at her, she was so beautiful. Donny promised that he would help her find the stolen necklace. They sad down and talk about any possible leads, that could help solved the case. Dharma told that maybe it was some bad guys from the mafia. Her husband owed them money right before he died. The next day Donny went down to a bar in town, which had a reputation for being “the place of illegal business”. Donny talked with the bartender, to find out if any unusually things had happen lately. He told him that some guys from the Joey”the mafia” Luciano family had been at the bar, who talked about shipping jewellery to Italy, Milan. Then Donny began to search down at the port, after treads. At the port office Donny found a list over the last day shipments. Not surprising a Ship towards Italy had left the port, just few days ago. Now Donny went home to his office to tell Dharma, that she never could get the Necklace back. It was for...

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