End of the world Myth

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End of the World myths Native American Traditions and Judeo-Christian Traditions A Hopi Legend and The Gospel, the book of Mark both write about the end of the world and how the Creator plans to save the chosen ones from the end of earth. Both myths have some similarities but many more differences. The two myths do not share many symbols and are totally different from each other. The most important difference that I have found during my readings and analysis of the two stories is that the name of the Creator for the Judeo-Christian myth God is not mentioned in the Native American myth. And the name of the Creator for the Native American myth Taiowa, is not mentioned in the Judeo-Christian myth. I will begin my paper by providing a summary of the two myths, followed by their similarities and their differences. The Tokpela (The First World-The end of the First World), writes about how humans multiplied fast and as they grew larger in number, they separated around the world. These humans were very different from each other, they were of different colors and each group spoke a different language, but for some strange reason they felt they understood each other. As all humans do, eventually they forgot about the comm Continue...

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Soyuknang said to learn how the Ants gather food in the summer for the winters, how they keep cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. After the destruction of the earth, the Son of Man; Jesus; will come down from the clouds with power and send his angels to find the people he has chosen to save from the end of the world. Although, the Star is used as a symbol in both myths, the meaning of the symbol changed drastically from one myth to the other. The Tokpela uses the name Soyuknang as the nephew of the creator and uncle Taiowa as god. Among the different groups of people with different races and languages, there were few in every group who still lived by the laws of the Creator. With time, they began to use the earth for their own needs and basically whatever they wanted, forgetting that the only reason they were put on earth was to carry out the plan of Creation. The book explains that when humans see the suffering and the pain happen, they ought to know that the end is near and that God is waiting at the gates. Some other humans began to follow the chosen ones, but they were not able to see a cloud or a star that the chosen ones claimed to see. In the Judeo-Christian, the book of Mark does not use any symbols or talks about humans fighting against each other. He tells them not to take anything with them, since everything will be destroyed. Another difference between the two myths is that the Hopi Legend uses a symbol to separate humans apart. Another similarity between the two myths is that they both use a Star as a symbol. He then tells humans that their behavior has become very bad and that he will talk to his uncle, Taiowa (The Creator) about the situation to find a solution. Humans divided each other because of their different race and language and most importantly, they divided those groups formed with the same race and language into two groups: Those who remembered the plan of the creation and those who did not. God tells the people that after the destruction of the world, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give light, and the stars will die and fall from the sky, and everything that is above earth will shake.


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