Ponitillism from Birth to Adul

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Pointillism has truly been the beginning of a new error within time itself. Its creation came from an offshoot of Impressionism, and is usually classified as a form of Post-Impressionism. It is very similar to Divisionism, but where Divisionism is concerned with the color theory, Pointillism is focused more so on the specific style of the brushwork in which was used to apply the paint. While being “A style of painting in which non-primary colors are generated, not by mixing of pigments in the palette nor by using pigments directly, but by the visual mixing of points from primary colors placed in close proximity to each other.” (Wikipedia.org) While George Seurat was credited for the birth of Pointillism, he used a normal scientific approach to his paintings abstruse color theories recedes somewhat. Seurat seemed to accept being known as a technician of art, and in doing so he borrowed from science the signs of its authority, including regularity and clarity of pattern. In doing so Seurat began to paint with a technique in which dots of unmixed color are juxtaposed onto the canvas. In doing this the dots blended together and created tones from w Continue...

org) Seurat also found that certain color combinations produced certain feelings, bright, warm colors made the viewers happy. While dark, cool colors can cause feelings of depression. Those shapes that can be read as figures are flat, vertical, two dimensional silhouettes. You can see this more so on the older televisions if you get close to them by seeing the small dots on the outer screen. With several roles you in turn get the vertical axis (role) also. The pure art form of Pointillism is still used in its original form even today but has also grown and given everyone more tools and ways to use it. Due to the effects of this new style, it created attention of other painters such as Paul Signac and Henri-Edmond Cross to join the Pointillism movement. hen you would look at it from a distance. org) to create the print outs of the first dot matrix printers, that are still in use today in some areas of the business world. "This means that with the same set of primaries, pointillist generated a different range of colors... (Wikipedia. We can see this example from George Seurat's painting Chahut, in which provides truth that "everything is held very precisely in place by a system of vertical and horizontal lines that define the canvas as a self-contained rectilinear field. This same principles of using "tiny small dots (Winipedi. As the movement continued to move on so did Pointillism into a new error due to the demand of the modern industrial age of commercial art. (Jason, History of Art) During the beginning of the twentieth century the process of Pointillism was adopted in many ways out side of the art world within modern technology.