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Integrity is defined by Webster’s as a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values (INCORRUPTIBILITY,) an unimpaired condition (SOUNDNESS,) and the quality or state of being complete or undivided (COMPLETENESS.) These are a couple examples of types of integrity: integrity of character, professional integrity. How I would define integrity is how one handles themselves with responsibility and the ability to take the consequences brought on by the lack there of. A leader is the role model or mentor by which a group or person that is under their command is most influenced. Eventually this will lead to a molding or modeling of this group or person’s behavior. This is why a leader must have and maintain the highest standard of character and integrity whether on or off duty. Integrity of one’s character will consist of honor, virtue, allegiance, and subordination. Without integrity the Continue...

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For integrity to be seen in others, one must show integrity and be able to check their own before they check another. Now I feel that integrity is a very hard characteristic to keep whole due to the verity of every aspect that is needed to exploit it. leader can never gather the respect and confidence of junior and senior members within the group whether it be a team, squad, platoon, or troop. The quality of integrity is not a trait that we are born with; rather it is "learned as we go through life. With this, the level of integrity of those around us reflects the level of integrity that we have. Each has their own application in the creation of ones integrity. In the military our integrity is shown through are direct chain of command such as squad leaders and other co-workers. Instead, during the process of learning, integrity of the person is developed. These are receptive ability, flexibility, compassion and humility. There are four major things that a person must possess to have a good foundation for integrity. So this makes it very hard two judge one another's integrity or lack there of. And you must be willing to take scratches to your image and not just look good otherwise that alone will compromise your whole integrity characteristic. But in the end development of integrity depends solely upon the moral fabric of the individual. As with fingerprints, no two people have the exact value system that we live by.


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