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Insecurity Perhaps you know a person who has acted severely to the loss of a relationship, almost to the point where you thought it was irrational. You might know someone who gets very depressed or feels betrayed at the slightest criticism. Maybe you react this way. Most intense reactions that are associated with an irrational response to loss, rejection, or criticism are the result of insecurity. The influence that insecurity can have on ones mental well being is so strong that, if it is not identified or addressed sooner or later it can cause a person great pain, sabotage ones potential for success, and very likely destroy their future relationships. To fully understand the severity of this issue, one must first realize what it is, where it comes from, and how it affects a person. Insecurity s Continue...

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Insecurity is a human trait that refers to a profound sense of self-doubt or a deep feeling of uncertainty about ones place in the world. Likewise, the results of insecurity on a person can take many forms and cause damage to their mental self-image and affect the way they handle situations in their life. It plays a major role in how people view the world and the way they respond to it. tems from how a person behaves in response to certain negative situations or actions in their personal or social environment. Instead of approaching life with willingness and excitement, the insecure person tends to approach it in a defensive, self-conscious, anxious sort of way. Physical abuse is another factor to be analyzed when finding the root of insecurity. Or maybe for some it is the countless number of times they have been rejected or had their heart broken. Each individual will react to situations differently, thus resulting in different levels of insecurity. People are born sensitive, but they are not born insecure. Insecurity generally robs people of their zest for life. Very few people can say that they have never experienced symptoms of insecurity. Simply put, insecurity is a common trait that is a direct result of the multitude of everyday occurrences and has a powerful influence on ones mental well being . Most people have some degree of sensitivity, and the majority of them have experienced loss, separation, abuse, or rejection in their lives. An insecure person often lives in constant fear of rejection and is in need of continual reassurance not only in their intimate relationships, but their professional relationships as well. All of these and more can be the cause of insecurity.


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