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Addis Zemene Kosmos Word count: 1398 Humans have always wondered how and when the universe came into being. That is the reason why they rejected the old religious doctrines and began studying the farthest reaches of space and the innermost depths of matter and from the earliest beginning of time to the future billions of years from now. The theories and principles acquired from their rigorous research is the chief topic of the poem Kosmos by Walt Whitman. Various literary devices such as metaphor, conceit, simile, imagery, personification, pathetic fallacy, syntactic ambiguity, symbols and poetic textures are contained in the poem. Kosmos has an enlightening, inspiring and edifying effect on the reader. This commentary endeavors adduce quotes and consequent literary analysis and thematic interpretation in support of that claim. The poem Kosmos enlightens its reader about the immeasurable and unimaginable dimensions and compositions of the universe. Literary devices that facilitate the reader’s grasp of the illuminative concepts abound through out the entire poem. The line: “Who includes diversity and is nature” (Whitman, Line 1), opens it with a redolent and informative tone, which is typical of a teache Continue...

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    .... expressed numberically, thru harmony is the beautiful arrangement/fitting together, 10 was holy number, seen in nature a lot, generation of kosmos from limited .... (1881 8 )

    Emblematic Blades (Walt Whitma
    .... Hurrah for positive science!" (Song of Myself) But he is a man after all, fully human but also divine. "Walt Whitman, a kosmos, of Manhattan the son .... (1983 8 )

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    .... infinities: "All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses." When taken into consideration with his later declaration, "Walt Whitman, a kosmos," the concept .... (1209 5 )

    .... infinities: "All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses." When taken into consideration with his later declaration, "Walt Whitman, a kosmos," the concept .... (4555 18 )

The symbolism behind the key and central words and phrases differs from reader to reader. It appears to be a good reminder of what is generally meant by the word cosmos. It follows that answers can only be obtained from certain amount of contemplation. Edification, which is an improvement andor alteration of one's character and thoughts, is another effect the poem Kosmos has on its reader. This familiarizes the reader with the speaker's unique and astounding picture of the cosmos. Others, for whom science and observation are the ultimate truth, accept as true that the earth is just an ordinary planet in a sea of other more exciting and enviable planets. Kosmos has an inspirational effect on the reader and initiates deep rumination about the cosmos. That may lead the average man into outrage and irritation because time and space are widely believed to be nature's most absolute and self-regulating entities. They are metaphoric because they fuse two dissimilar and incompatible concepts as a sexuality of a planet and the cosmos in few words; and they are symbolic because words like sexuality have nothing to do with sexual characters or reactions but represent a deeper and much more complex idea. The colorful and moving imageries contained in this line take the form of an interesting analogy, which are between the earth with its sun and moon, and other planets with their suns and moons. The word "diversity in that particular poetic placement arouses curiosity about the diverse cosmological objects that make up the diversity. They require a bit of rumination before one appreciates their true meaning and literary splendor fully. "The past, the future, dwelling there, like space, inseparable together (Whitman, Line 11). A keen reader would never cease to ask questions when reading the poem Kosmos. He clearly states that the universe and everything in it is governed by compound set of rules.