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The Mosque While visiting the mosque on Friday, March 5th, at 12:00, I experienced an great and almost uncomfortable difference in religion. Although many of the traditions are much like my own, Christianity, the ways in which they pray, live their lives, and even dress are much different than my own. Prior to going to this ceremony, a classmate and I called one of the members of the church to get information mainly about what we were to wear. Rativ, the church member, informed us to wear our clothes very baggy so that we wouldn’t show our bodies. We followed these guidelines, but when we got there we realized that we were supposed to also wear a head cover. As we were approaching the room, we were stopped by a woman who would be telling us about their religion. Before we could go into the room, we had to take our shoes off and then walk in and sit on the floor. She then handed us a few papers, that are e Continue...

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At the beginning of the worship there was a song that was sung by Iman, sort of a priest, he would be speaking of the whole ceremony as well. Before the ceremony I didn't think that would be as welcoming as they were, and I have a whole new outlook and much more respect for people of this particular religion. After doing that, she then approached the front of the room and began her prayer to Allah, which was a type of welcome. nclosed, that would guide us through the ceremony. Monica said that it was for the believers to wear the wrap on their head, but when they are at home with their husband and kids they do not. We did this three times, one right after the other. After the worship, we asked Monica why the women were behind the men and she told us that it was so that they were not distracted. There was no specific name and they do not hold that person with any kind of divinity, they are simply the most knowledgeable. This caught me a little off guard and made me feel a little uncomfortable, not knowing what I was suppose to do. Then being uncomfortable about not have anything covering my head we also asked about that. After the preaching was done the woman all went up to the front of the room again facing a particular way, NE to face Mecca, with their arms barely touching each other. My classmates and I joined in on this prayer. I have much more respect towards this particular type of religion. We also asked about what we call our preacherminister, what they called their leader of faith.


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