The impact of technology on families and communities

             Discuss the impact of social, legal and technological change on individuals, groups, families and Communities
             As time moves on so does humanity and society we adapt and change as new knowledge and understanding is presented to us in different forms such as technologies, laws and social views all impacting on us within our homes and within our communities.
             Technology gets more and more advanced everyday its designed to entertain help and study humans it affects almost every aspect of the average persons life in one way or another wether that be machines in the work place the home computer or the knew technology that helps save life’s.
             Since the Industrial revolution which first occurred in Europe in the 1700s factories all around the world became involved with the new technology of the machine which in many ways replaced the manual human workers designed to help increase effiency and cost which has helped many companies consumers and workers and also buried some with jobs being replaced and people being put out of work which became increasingly the case with the introduction of computers with multiple task capabilities it could fill the job and effency of several workers.
             This effected society and communities drastically with unemployment levels soaring these levels decreased but the impact is still seen today with fewer jobs to go round. It hasn’t all been negative though its also opened up paths for people who want to carry out a career with in technology such as IT workers etc and with a computer now in many homes schools and workplaces public understanding of technology has expanded and adapted to the changes with computers and machines being essential to run many business and carry out the day to day tasks we take for granted.
             Technology has also helped increase communication between nations, communities and individuals that once would not have been as easily accomplished; the internet has provided communication wit...

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