The impact of technology on families and communities

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Discuss the impact of social, legal and technological change on individuals, groups, families and Communities As time moves on so does humanity and society we adapt and change as new knowledge and understanding is presented to us in different forms such as technologies, laws and social views all impacting on us within our homes and within our communities. Technology gets more and more advanced everyday its designed to entertain help and study humans it affects almost every aspect of the average persons life in one way or another wether that be machines in the work place the home computer or the knew technology that helps save life’s. Since the Industrial revolution which first occurred in Europe in the 1700s factories all around the world became involved with the new technology of the machine which in many ways replaced the manual human workers designed to help increase effiency and cost which has helped many companies consumers and workers and also buried some with jobs being replaced and people being put out of work which became increasingly the case with the introduction of computers with multiple task capabilities it could fill the job and effency of several workers. This effected society and communities drastical Continue...

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ly with unemployment levels soaring these levels decreased but the impact is still seen today with fewer jobs to go round. No matter how far we progress and what decision we as a society choose to make there is always going to be more developments and problems with in technology laws and social issues as the more knowledge we gain the more we search for this can be seen as a good and bad thing I think that overall change has a positive affect on society as groups who weren't once recognised are now getting a voice and community understanding I feel that this in some ways is bringing communities back together again and helping us all become equal within that structure even though it still has a long way to go. It hasn't all been negative though its also opened up paths for people who want to carry out a career with in technology such as IT workers etc and with a computer now in many homes schools and workplaces public understanding of technology has expanded and adapted to the changes with computers and machines being essential to run many business and carry out the day to day tasks we take for granted. Other laws such as racial laws have impacted society allowing multicultural people to feel safer and providing them with rights our society has also been affected with laws with rights being recognized as a major part of an individual and also now children's rights have been recognized helping protect them from harm. This Higher divorce rate has increased with laws passes that now makes divorce allot easier then it once was so that people who need to leave a relationship because of abuse etc can leave where as it was much harder and frowned upon not so many years ago this has impacted society with many broken homes and children who have been separated from there parents and gender based role models in most cases the father. Socially communities today are becoming more diverse understanding and accepting due to the above new found resources of technology and laws which has helped shaped and change our social life. Another Social change which has caused great controversy and continues too still are issues relating to gay and lesbian should they be able to marry for instance and should they be able to bring children in to the world communities are greatly divided on this subject religious views and personal views all come in to play when deciding on which side of the fence you sit, Many people find it wrong to allow gay and lesbians to become parents finding it immoral and against nature and unfair on the child as they would miss out on the role model of either a father or a mother , with new technology including IVF and GIFT and fertility clinics that provide donated sperm this is becoming a increasingly more common part of society and this has also come under many legal debates with currently it being legal to use IVF as a lesbian couple. Many changes have occurred with in our laws over the last couple of decades which has impacted our families and communities today the rate of divorce is much higher with one in every three marriages ending in a divorce and many families part of a blended family. It also influences our goals and our views on what the norms of society and family are it can influence how we run our family with positives of better understanding of child abuse etc in families and ways to manage families and sometimes negatives with unrealistic and idealized situations that we try to replicate on soap operas eg. Technology has also helped increase communication between nations, communities and individuals that once would not have been as easily accomplished; the internet has provided communication with email and chat it has also helped communities in understanding different issues with more readily accessible information to people who might not otherwise be able to come in contact with it such as rural families it has helped families stay in contact and helped business carry out conferencing etc more easy Television has been one of the most influential factors with in society both positively and negatively it provides people with information and brings issues to light so that people can gain understanding and knowledge about a issue or situation such as gays and lesbians which has been brought to a public light and not hidden as much as it was before this impacts society with greater understanding of issues things such as gay and lesbians has become more accepted in to the public life allowing people to feel comfortable both gay lesbian and straight with in their communities its also brought other issues which was not as presented to people such as war and the affects it has on people it is one of the greatest powers with in our world today it can help dictate what we know and what we don't it influences the way people think and in some cases brain wash people into a understanding of a topic in a bias way such as Muslims etc as it has the power of deciding what to show and what not to show. It is also legal although difficult, to adopt as a gaylesbian couple this has impacted society in many ways positively it recognise the gay and lesbian community more and there rights negatively it cause much debate about whether this is right and or moral. Also being a multicultural nation has socially shaped us by presenting us with many different cultures religions and races they attend our children's schools and work alongside us in our workplaces so we get to know them as people and have more access and understanding with there customs traditions and ways of life this culture diversity has great sociocultural influences on an individual , These sociocultural differences can also create problems with different ethnic groups clashing and strong differences being more prominate clashing with our way of life for example Muslim girls who attend many Australian school have to wear there full costume which covers every inch of there skin while there class mates are all in the one uniform some school have banned this and this has caused division with in community groups. It also sends unrealistic and idealistic images of women and men looking perfect sending the wrong messages to impressionable teenagers helping to see the rise of disorders such as anorexia and bulimia with perfection now paraded on our technology and our society.


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