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Violence In Selected writings, Marti wants to use violence to gain independence from Spaniards in Cuba. On the other hand, in the wretched of the Earth, Fanon sees violence as a mean whether for colonization or decolonization. Marti emphasizes that using violence to get rid of Spanish colonization, and Fanon thinks violence is heavily used and is a necessary part in colonialism. At the same time, they don’t oppose the use of violence, because they think the use violence is inevitable. However, I think violence is something human can avoid, and there is always an alternative other than violence. Marti wanted to challenge Spanish colonialism with military power. Under Spanish control, Cubans have an inferior life, since Spanish had treated Cubans as subordinate citizens. Marti planed the revolutionary war against Spanish in order to gain independence in Cuba. Marti believes that human being should respond to the ill treatment by others. In other words, people should repay the help and respect from others. At the same time, a person should take revenge on someone who mistreats them. “If they don not mistreat us, we will mistreat them. If they show respect, we will respect them. The blade is answered with the b Continue...

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Jose Marti saw violence as the historically contingent. Although I believe that violence can be prevented on many places, sometimes using violence would be the most direct and fast way to achieve a goal. "For the native, this violence represents the absolute line of action (Fanon 85). After the war, when Cubans obtained the control they desired, so violence was not needed any more. Therefore, they wanted to do justice by themselves, and they chose to do it in a very violent way. In the event of "the lynching of the Italians, the citizens in New Orleans thought the government had lost its function which is to punish the criminals. "They show themselves to be jealous of the results of their action and take good care not to place their future, their destiny, or the fate of their country in the hands of a living god (Fanon 94). However, violence could be prevented, when we saw decolonization in the colony. Moreover, Marti and Fanon both agreed that decolonization make people united and colonialism make people separated. Fanon believes two groups in colonial system are born to be violent, and it is the way colonialism work. For example, in colonialism, the best way to salvage the native from inhuman settler is using violence to get decolonization. In this way, the Cubans and Spaniards in Cuba could happily live in a new nation which both wanted. It is because violence is the first thing and easiest way people could think of when they need to protect themselves or harm others. Moreover, when people feel threatened by others, they want to use violence as a mean to revenge. "By throwing himself with all his force into the vendetta, the native tries to persuade himself that colonialism does not exist, that everything is going on as before, that history continues.


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