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Business ethics is a multifaceted field that cannot be defined with a single definition. This area is addresses numerous issues, problems, and dilemmas within the management of businesses. And it does this through numerous perspectives and methods. Of course, in order to present the complexities of business ethics, we must explore the types of issues that business professionals are confronted with all the time. In order to do, the definition of corporate ethics must be known as well as knowing what the ethics of responsibility are. After defining what ethics are, we then need to see how these are played out within management. This will show the decline and fall of business ethics over time and how whistle blowing has played its part. Business ethics not only portray to humans, but also to how businesses treat the environment. The majority of European and U.S. CEO's and senior managers vie Continue...

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Our profit comes about through our effort to promote the prosperity of the community as a whole. Executives say that the enterprise in which they are engaged in, and the products or services that they market, should serve an inherently ethical purpose and that a companies primary ethical responsibilities are defined by the nature of their objectives. Of these, the corporate mission is the most easily recognized and widely applicable category. And not all have the same feelings about the ethical standards that one individual may have even though they all know what position that he holds and what his job is. Many sermons have been preached about the ethics of business and the ethics of businessmen. w corporate ethics as a subject that is to be dealt with at three levels, each more specific than the last. That is the use of everyday honesty. They include: (1) the corporate mission, (2) constituency relations, and (3) policies and practices. More and more companies are receiving a lot of publicity about unethical and illegal practices. This is because every person within a corporation may be held toward a different set of ethics depending upon the position that they hold. There are many differences of opinion in the role that ethics ought to play at the third level of evaluating policies and practices. Men and women do not gain exemption from these rules just because of their jobs or positions within a business or society for that matter. This usually requires statements of corporate responsibilities.


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