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Closer to Equality In the United States, we have managed to somehow live among various types of people. In these states, we coincide with people with different backgrounds, languages, and cultures. We are perhaps the only country which successfully blends or accepts people from different ethnic groups. Although we seem to be successful in the welcoming of different ethnic groups, there is always one ethnic group that is dominant over all. Because dominance does not equal racial equality, some people of the United States questions which social model is right for the country. The social models put into consideration are the following but may not be the answer: assimilation, pluralism, and multiculturalism. The definition of assimilation given in the book On Being Different is the process in which all minority groups gradually adopt the customs, attitudes, and traits of a dominant group, leaving their old cultures behind. The dominant group in the United States is the European Americans, so assimilation means that minorities would have to adopt the lifestyle of the white people. The article ‘’Language and Civil Society’’ defines cultural pluralism as ‘’the peaceful coexistence of more than one culture in a society, Continue...

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Ethnic groups would be given the opportunity to work and make money to their full ability. Pluralism allows minorities to speak their own language, express their own artistic expressions, worship and follow any religion they please, and dress and eat what they want. Even though Pluralism has some downfalls, we must remember that there is no perfect social model and that each one will have its' imperfections. In my opinion, pluralism is my ideal social model because it gives minorities control and freedom of their own culture and lives. On Being Different explains the social model pluralism as accepting other ethnic groups and giving them the opportunity to prosper as long as other ethnic groups do not invade or threaten the dominant groups values and norms. They respect each other and accepts their differences. Although whites would still be the dominant group, minorities do not have to blend into European culture. In a pluralistic society all ethnic groups are accepted or at least tolerated. Pluralism does hold on to cultural differences, though differences are accepted. While multiculturalism is the perfect social model, it is very hard to accomplish because it is too perfect. They would be nationally accepted, and their differences would be acknowledged but not put down. Contrary to this idea, the possibility to ethnic strife is rare or would never happen. Minority groups will face less discrimination in the workplace. Multiculturalism is not many ethnic groups blending into one single culture but many cultures blended into one big nation. Pluralism wouldn't exactly guarantee economic success but give the opportunity to succeed.


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