a kind of murder

             In the story, “A Kind of Murder” By Hugh Pentecost as a young boy living in a military school comes face to face with a situation involving self sacrifice but ending in shame. The true murder that he commits is the result of the conflict he has within himself blinding his true intentions.
             What first led up to this murder is the childish antics of the military children excluding Pentecost. The new Teacher Mr. Warren replacing the deceased Mr. Etsweiler is apparently deaf and faces the cruel treatments of the students as a test of his endurance, but Pentecost stands up for Mr. Warren. Pentecost unwilling to see the mistreatments of a gentle man puts his reputation on the like. He shows courage and compassion being unable to bear the injustice. For the moment he proves to be a respectable and honorable figure. The effect of his courageous act leads Pentecost through deep resentment by his fellow classmates causing him to bottle this courage up and in turn murder Mr. Warren.
             The effect to this is the betrayal of Mr. Warren. Given his second and last chance for the test, Mr. Warren turns to Pentecost once again for help but receives a cold shoulder. At that moment Mr. Warren knew he lost and Pentecost knew he let Mr. Warren down. Pentecost refuses to help because he knew he would ruin himself and there wasn’t much of a chance for Mr. Warren with these students filled with contempt for him. He knew that by this selfish act that he has killed Mr. Warren. As a result, by letting down Mr. Warren at his most time of need and against Pentecost’s better judgment, he had essentially killed him.
             The conflict resolves with Pentecost’s guilty conscience. He reflects on the sad events and tries to defend himself by saying he was only 15 and that he didn’t want to be snubbed for being a do-gooder. He knew that he was wrong. Pentecost’s is troubles because he let a good man down. He struggles with the right t

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