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How to deal with your stress Have you ever felt sick to your stomach during a test? Have you had trouble sleeping when you have too much homework? Have you ever been so worried about something that you have a headache? If so, then you are under stress. Stress is what you feel when you are worried or uncomfortable about something. This worry in your mind can make your body feel bad. You may feel angry, frustrated, scared, or afraid - which can give you a stomachache or a headache. Whe Continue...

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n you're stressed you may not feel like sleeping or eating. Are you too busy for something Sometimes you have too much work to do that make you hard breathing. You also may have trouble paying attention at school and remembering things at home. So try to look at your stress in another way, which may help you feel easier. Second, learn how to best relax yourself. Try to breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Finally, if you can"tmt fight the stress or flee from it, try to use it in a positive way. Do this two to four times, but don't take in too much air too quickly because it can make you feel dizzy. First, learn to recognize your stress. The easiest way is breathing exercise. You should think where your stress comes from. So what could you do when they happened In my opinion there are following steps that you could follow to get rid of your stress. It"tms true that appropriate stress can make people do a better job.


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Unfortunately, most employees do not know how to deal with stress in this way. As a result, work-related stress has a negative impact on their lives. (1725 7 )

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