The Door by Miroslav Holub

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THE DOOR by MIROSLAV HOLUB ‘The door’ by Miroslav Holub is a poem which conveys a masked political statement while at the same time approaches the idea of change in ones life. The dominant reading in this poem focuses on the value of being prepared to ‘change’ ones life or perspective. In this poem ‘change’ is seen as a positive force. Even ‘if there’s a fog’ the poem reassures the reader that it will clear. The poet encourages us to seek change and at least ‘open the door’. By opening the door individuals approach the idea of ‘change’ allowing them to overcome obstacles. No matter what lies beyond the door the poem tells us that ‘at least/ there’ll be/ a draught’. Although this is a cold and somewhat unappealing image the salient point is that the individ Continue...

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In the second stanza of the poem there is an unusual mixture of sights presented which may lie behind the door suggesting the idea that anything is possible. The poet reiterates the fact that negative and unpleasant experiences are beneficial for personal growth and it has long term advantages as opposed to being stultified. These differing perspective"tms underline the poems message that if we are prepared to take action to "change"tm our lives the possibilities are exciting and varied. The eye not only narrows the focus calling on the reader to be prepared to look "closely"tm, but it also turns the observer into the observed-an interesting change in perspective while "picture of a picture"tm focuses on the concept of a varying perspective. "Opening the door"tm, looking beyond ones own narrow existence and considering other worlds and lives can give a new perspective on ones own problems. This eerie atmosphere is also enhanced by the hollow wind. In stanza four the image of darkness ticking could signify an unknown or negative factor, yet the process undertaken by the individual to look into the darkness is a valuable learning experience that will change them. The adjective "magic"tm adds colour and vividness to the description. The word "maybe"tm on the next line stresses that there is nothing certain about what one may find on the other side of the door, this ranges in the poem from " a tree, or a wood a garden or a magic city"tm. In the third stanza the metaphorical "fog"tm could refer to one"tms problems, difficulties or uncertainties. These images have positive connotations that give an optimistic perspective to the stanza, and suggest stepping out into something fruitful and enchanted. In the first stanza of the poem the first line is a call to action- use of imperatives. The poem is structured in such a way that it moves through various concepts of "change"tm- from the simple to the complex to the "magical"tm settings, suggesting there is no limit to the possibilities we might find.


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