Management Responsibilities

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Good management is practiced in many forms and in a great diversity of business situations. There are basic principles of how to manage, but they would be applied differently in different situations. In an effective organization led by good managers, there is a clear set of strategic objectives I consider skill essential in an effective management such as: communication, motivation, teamwork and goals. There are many more concepts I have learned about management but I will focus on what areas I believe can relate to my needs in my organization. It is worthy to note that a successful organization have managers who have a great deal of flexibility in establishing a workable leadership style. Successful managers, in addition, realize that times, tasks, and circumstances change on a daily basis. Nothing could be easier than failing to communicate. For many years, managers think they can belittle their employees with the ³I¹m the boss, get to work² attitude. It is different today in most places and more people are beginning to understand how important good communication really is. Communicating well is something every one of us does everyday in our lives. However, effective communication seems to be rare in adults. There are som Continue...

They are making communication a top priority, being open to other people, and creating a receptive environment for communication. Id like to see employees be given the freedom to work as they see fit, and convey their belief in their abilities by getting out of the way. It takes a cooperative group of individuals and a talent leader. They need to touch base with people on a regular basis so that everyone knows there is a time when theyre actually going to be accessible with me. This is where I believe a true motivation comes from, not just to work but to excel. They allow us to measure our success. All in all, these concepts are not limited to what make an effective management but are essentials to me. Ive learned that once I establish my goals, I have to prioritize them. I've explained four concepts that I feel is essential in an effective management. In other words, an effective leader in an organization should show people that he or she trusts, respect, and care about his people. Goals are what can give us direction and keep us focused. In an effective management environment, leaders should show the employees that he will take risks and encourages them to do the same. For example, if I am in a position when someone disagrees with my plan and tried to make a suggestion, Id be very delicate about the way I tell them I don't agree with them. Departments are working together instead of being rivalry like they did in the past.