Lord of the flies

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The Lord of the Flies tells the story of a group of boys who are left stranded on a tropical island when their plane is shot down. The story starts off with two boys, Ralph and Piggy. They meet each other on the island. Later they find a conch shell. In order to make contact, they take turns blowing into it, and many other boys who’ve survived their plane crash show up. Their first meeting is held at the lagoon and the boys elect Ralph as “chief”. Eventually, there are problems within the group, mainly between Ralph, who is the mature leader with high morals, and Jack, the villain who represents cruelty and anarchy. Ralph wants to build shelter, and keep a large fire burning on the mountain in order to alert ships of their dilemma. Jack becomes obsessed with hunting pigs and a creature that they’ve seen and call “the beast”. He eventually leaves the group Continue...

Even Ralph and Piggy have joined the feast. Soon after encountering the bloody, fly-covered head, Simon has a vision, during which the head is speaking to him. They behead the pig and then place its head on a stake in the jungle as an offering to the beast. He takes shelter in the forest until the tribe sets fire to the forest, forcing Ralph onto the beach, where he finds a naval officer and a cruiser. The story took place on an enchanting tropical island, very unlike the boys' home in England. and most of the boys follow him, except for Ralph, Piggy, a boy named Simon, and twins named Sam and Eric. The middle of the island boasts orchards and a large forest and on the opposite side of the island, there is a rocky mountain range, where the boys hunt and set their signal fire. Jack declares himself the leader of the new tribe, and organizes a violent slaughtering of a pig to celebrate. I think the author is trying to show that society will deteriorate due to the actions of humans, and the imperfections of them. Ralph manages to escape but he is left all by himself. The next morning, Jack's tribe kidnaps the twins and attack Ralph and Piggy. A boy named Roger rolls a boulder down the mountain, which knocks Piggy off a cliff. The main character in the story is Ralph, a twelve year old boy. Simon faints and when he wakes up, he goes to the mountain, where he sees "the beast which is actually a dead parachutist and his parachute. The island is boat shaped, with a lagoon and sandy beaches along the coast.