Romeo + Juliet

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In the text “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet’s tragic romance was destined by fate to some extent but other times it was controlled by their own choice. Romeo and Juliet’s families keep fighting at each other and the pair just couldn’t stand any of this. They ended up committing suicide, this ended up in a tragic romance. Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t meet each other unless it was destined by fate and by this they had no power to change their circumstances. Fate plays an important part in Romeo and Juliet, however Romeo an Juliet have the power to make their own choices this is proven at the party, the fight with Tybalt and Romeo and Juliet death. Fate had some control over Romeo and Juliet’s meeting at the Capulet’s party. An illiterate servant asked Romeo to read the invitation list and then later invited Romeo and his friends. Fate’s power was also evident when Benvolio convinced Romeo to go where he could meet beautiful women but Romeo wanted to prove him that no one was as beautiful as Rosaline. Romeo decides to attend the party just to prov Continue...

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Romeo decided if Juliet is dead I should be dead too. Fate played a part when Romeo didn"tmt received Frair"tms message and Romeo thought Juliet was dead but she wasn"tmt. Ultimately choice controlled the tragic suicides and end of Romeo and Juliet and fate played some part. Fate brought Tybalt and Romeo together at the public place. It was their own choice to commit suicide. Fate"tms was also evident when Romeo arrived at the church and Paris was already there. A man always has the choice of committing murder but sometimes it can be fate by someone getting in the way of that person. Fate played a part when Frair came to the church to late to stop Juliet from killing herself. Fate had some control with the fight and death of Tybalt and Mercutio however they had the power to make their own choices too. Romeo loves Juliet so much that he is willing to risk his life just to see her in her courtyard. This ended up with Romeo killing Tybalt. Fate played some important part in Romeo and Juliet but it wasn"tmt always fate that happens.


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