Social problems in Ethiopia

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Social Problems in Ethiopia Not all human beings are as fortunate as others. People all over Africa are suffering from famine and dying from it. One country in particular stands above all the rest. Ethiopia is considered to be the poorest country in the world. As one of the least developed countries in the world, Ethiopia is faced with many social and economical problems. Ethiopians are suffering from the lack of basic needs of life, such as food, health care, housing, education, safe and healthy environment. Ethiopia’s rapid population growth also presents great problems for a nation struggling to be self-sufficient in food. The population is growing by 3% each year and approximately 45% of the population is below the ages of 18. One of the major causes of famine in Ethiopia is due to the drought. Many parts of the country have been sufferin Continue...

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This would be beneficial if it were passed. The guidelines say that the Ethiopian government is going to try to expand the production of crops, facilitate access to schools, clinics, and water supplies. It is one of the top five countries that have the most number of deaths in under-five-year old children. Children are most affected by this famine in Ethiopia. One Ethiopian father recalls the death of his child: "I lost one of my children two weeks ago, says Fadmo Muhammed to a BBC reporter in the Somali region of Ethiopia. I am very frightened that my two other children will die as well. Some of these organizations include: UNICEF, Christian Children's Fund, Ethiopian Children's House, and Ethiopian Famine Fund. It is obvious that the consequences of the famine due to the drought in Ethiopia are serious malnutrition due to the lack of agricultural resources and death to hundreds of families and children throughout Ethiopia. Because most people in these areas depend on livestock for survival, people will be the next to die. g from a lack of rain for four consecutive seasons, leaving the region dry, arid and semi desert-like. The government is also intervening in helping to prevent more deaths. The people depend on their livestock to survive, however 95 of their livestock in these areas have already died.


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