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Suppression of Women Throughout history, women have been looked down upon by society. Many of these women attempt to liberate themselves from different forms of suppression. This unfair and cruel practice inevitably led to the emergence of many works that expressed the emotions of these victims. Women were tired of feeling inferior, civil rights activists began to emerge, and the desire for freedom became increasingly realistic. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charolette Gilman, “The Lottery” and “The Mourning of June 28, 1948” by Shirley Jackson, as well as “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, are personal memoirs and short stories that reflect the overall theme of the shallow lives women were forced to live, as well as the attempt to free oneself from the political, social, and economic boundaries created by a relentless society. “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a symbolic representation of how society misunderstands and ignores women’s emotions. The main character of this story, claimed to be simply “depressed” by her stubborn husband, is not empathized with the entire story. She is instructed to throw away her intellectual life and avoid any people that can cause excitement. Her husband, who believes he k Continue...

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Without the daringness and vision of writers like Gilman, Jackson, and Kincaid, the knowledge of-as well as the action taken towards the suppression of women would have been drastically altered to this day. Her husband thinks she his a lunatic-not somebody who is just simply unloved. "The Yellow Wallpaper is a poignant allegory that parallels the walls of a room to the walls of society. The result, she gets locked up in the room, and all that is left is the furniture nailed to the floor. The post master, of whom she is usually sociable with, even shuns her eventually. She is seen in a negative light by society, because of her attempt to seek freedom through expressive writing. Women were once part of quite a struggle, one that was tried to be swept under the rug by society for many years. The main focus of the mother's worries is her daughter becoming seen as a whore by the outside world. During her emotional escapade, she rips off all the wallpaper. nows what is best for her, puts her into a yellow room that causes his wife to sink into an even deeper state of depression. "The Lottery is a story about a town that draws a person from a lottery once a year to live with them. This room eventually engulfs her emotions and overwhelms her to the point where she breaks out into a rage. Since the daughter lives freely and according to her own rules, her mother sees her own flesh and blood as a burden she must take care of as opposed to a gift she should treasure. This story is about a mother giving her daughter advice on how to act "proper.


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