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"AD", What Does It Symbolize "AD" is a poem written by Kenneth Fearing. It is a satire, which is an example of the literary art or ridiculing a folly or vice in an effort to expose or correct it. After reading "AD" several times you will realize the different types of symbolism. For instance, the first and second stanza symbolizes what type of man the government wants them to be. The third stanza symbolizes that you can be in the army no matter what type of person you are. The very last stanza symbolizes that once you have sign you name you are theirs forever and death in the most costly. The first and second stanzas symbolizes what the government is looking for in a man that would want to go to war. The following lines supports what I am talking about "Wanted: Men. If you've ever been a figure in the chamber of horrors, If you've ever escaped from a psychiatric ward, If you thrill at the thought of throwing poison into wells, have heavenly visions of people, by the thousands, dyi Continue...

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For instance, the first and second stanza symbolizes what type of man the government wants each man to be. The poem symbolizes many different ideas. " Lines three through six tells about what you would have to go through and what is to be expected. It also says that you can be any type of person. The second and third lines are saying that no knowledge or even experience will be needed to complete the duties that you have signed up for. The last line means that death is the most costly of the whole entire job. Once you have signed up for the job it is permanent. We mean business and our business is you. In conclusion, this poem is pretty much telling the whole truth. The last stanza symbolizes that once you have signed your name on that piece of paper issued by the government you have just basically signed your life away.


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