Media's View of Women

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Pamela Anderson, Brittany Spears, and Christina Aguilera- who are these women to you? Singers, actresses, or merely sex symbols used to sell Pepsi? The modern world is completely sucked in by television and other media-related exposures that we are unaware of the astounding amount of superficial beauty, unrealistic portrayal, and sex discrimination against women. The media’s “perfect woman” is extremely impractical and unachievable. In fact she’s not so perfect at all. Advertising is said to be one of the most important and influential forms of media through television, (D.S #3). The average adult spends one and a half years of his or her life watching television commercials, (D.S #3). Within that one and a half year, fifty-six percent of those women were shown as domestic housewives, (D.S #3). The media also shows that women are obsessed with cleaning, “...knowing that cleanliness of the house is her job, she usually does it with a smile,” (D.S #3). The statement implies that women actually enjoy cleaning their homes. This verdict is obviously fallacious and deceiving. Perhaps we dislike cleaning, but prefer to live in sanitary conditions! Influential advertising may be important, but it port Continue...

Basically the media is telling us that women are used as sex objects. It denies the intelligence, feelings and voice of females. Even if you try to avoid viewing "shallow glamour in modern society, somehow the media still find ways to "shove it in your face. . Superficial beauty is displayed everywhere, including: billboards, television, magazines, C. Because the public is unaware of the shocking amount of superficial beauty, unrealistic portrayal, and sex discrimination against women in the media today, they are still being encouraged to buy merchandise based on looks. This harsh metaphor is strongly proving the sexual discrimination against women. A number of studies have come to the conclusion that a large number of advertisements expose women as sex objects, (D. We need to consider that we live in the 21st century, not the 18th, and men do clean too. No, I'm not talking about Barbie, but the media's "perfect woman. For example: the sex object is a "mannequin who's only quality is traditional beauty, (D. They are "done-up like that to sell the product by catching the viewers attention.