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Another World

Space travel has once been a dream of many Americans. With the current improvements in space travel the ability to travel in space might become possible for the average American. The possibility of orbiting the earth might become as easy as buying an airline ticket on-line. Many new improvements have been developed in space travel over the year. Current research is being done to develop aircrafts that will be able to take off from airports and then land there on the return back to earth. Mir space station was a jump start in the future of space travel. It influenced many companies to research and develop better aircrafts and space stations. The man thing that needs to be improved is the cost. Currently it cost $11,000 to transport a kilogram of weight into space. Worldwide companies are trying to cut this cost by one tenth the price. To do this we need to find better reusable concepts towards space flights. Current research is being done by developing aircrafts that can take off at airports then land again at the airport. Russia and the United States were the first 2 countries to take a giant step towards space travel and living in space. Together they planned out construction of Another World 2 the International Space Station (ISS). This station will be a multi-purpose facility that will be run by astronauts and will be equipped with living quarters and rooms for research. This project began in 1984 under President Reagan by coming up with ideas along with Canada, Japan, European countries, and Russia (joining later in 1993). The construction of the ISS began in 1998 with hopes of completion around 2014. The project will cost us 100 billion dollars. Numerous trips will take place to transport supplies to the ISS. To further develop space travel we must first finish the current project at hand. We are currently involved in constructing the International Space Station (ISS). If we finish this project it will be...

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