Hamlet Tradegy

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A tragedy can be defined as, out of the ordinary events that happen to ordinary people with extraordinarily negative consequences. Tragedies deal with the faults and weaknesses of men, and how these can bring about a dangerous, desperate end. Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is a perfect example of a tragedy because many innocent people are subjected to circumstances beyond their control, which will bring about death and destruction. The greed and yearning for power displayed by some cost innocent people a very high price. Many characters portrayed in the play are evil; they corrupt the world around them just by existing. Throughout Hamlet many references are made to symbolize the Bubonic plague that encompassed China, Asia, Africa, and most of Europe. It is evident that William Shakespeare intended to create a play that was based around the decay of the people and what becomes of them. The Black Plague originally started because of the impurity of the people and how they were contaminating the Earth. Corruption is based upon the decay of a kingdom, the morally corrupt individuals, and the need for power and control. Opening with a reference to the Black Plague, Hamlet portrays the casualties that occurred very long ago, Continue...

and repeats them in a more modern demonstration. Claudius wins again when Laertes kills Hamlet. As Hamlet gains knowledge of his father's murderer, the knowledge begins to corrupt him. She speaks to Laertes and she tells him of her lover's undying love for her. As Claudius brought his corrupt reign to Denmark, the seeds of his corruption spread to the people around him. When Hamlet learns of his uncle's deeds, he is outraged and begins to plot against him. The characters are portrayed to be kind but are really evil. She became a widow, and in less than two months after her husband's death, she remarried to his brother (Gary 1). Without this, it becomes incredibly easy for corruption to set in and for the whole kingdom to plummet. His wife Queen Gertrude had an incestuous affair to gain a husband after her first husband was murdered. They lied, cheated, stole, killed, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and gain their trophies. He despised his mother and is aggrieved by her apathy. This was the starting point of Hamlet's corruption. He gained many luxuries through his usage of deceit and murder.