Prose And Communication

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Science, Philosophy and History Does poor prose affect communication? Subtitle: The Particulars Of The Manner In Which The Craftsmanship Of Manuscription And The Construction Of Linguistic Morpholage Of Textual Composition Hold A Relationship With The Not Ineffective Metamorphosement Of Explicit Connotation Don't try to show off how smart you are by using terms they cannot understand. 'SQEZY SOUL’ BY BUSHY (CATSKILLS RECORDS) Assess this statement: "Feyerabend wildly exaggerates the importance of language. While it is true that scientists often write poorly, there is no evidence that this poor prose affects either communication or the psyche of the writer." There was a period in history where most scientific writing was written in a certain style of prose. This style, among other things was incredibly verbose, made heavy use of the passive voice, weakened nouns, and included many new words for the most common actions, feelings, and circumstances. The idea behind this was that scientific writing would sound more objective and well, scientific. This trend flourished during the years of 1930 to 1970, and while it is becoming less and less popular, many science teachers still insist on it . Feyerabend c Continue...

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DoubleSpeak forces the reader to work hard to translate the text into everyday terms. laims "a wall is erected between the writers and their readers not because of some lack of knowledge, not because the writers do not know their readers, but in order to make utterances conform to some curious professional ideal of objectivity . But at what cost The cost of locking out the layman. Mill tells us if you only consider one side of the story, you have not considered the full story very deeply ; so let's look at how bad prose impedes communication. The scientific prose looks just like legalese. Still, even if this scientific prose doesn't actually go so far as to aid communication, there is also no evidence that it hinders communication. As mentioned earlier, this prose is dying in popularity. This scale could be called a continuum of socio-economic status. Using scientific prose is a trade-off between professional objectivity, and accessibility. If you emerge yourself in something for long enough, eventually it will invade your thoughts. They flow much better when sentences start with things that have already been introduced. The Internet has taught us that presentation of information is extremely important for the exchange of information. " George Gopen and Judith Swan noted some trends common in the scientific prose in their article "The Science of Scientific Writing . No information is lost in an article written in this style, it's just re-ordered and hidden under a jumble of phrases, neologisms, overly complex terms, and other irrelevant information.