First Date

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When I was a little girl, I always dreamed how perfect my first date would be. I knew exactly what kind of clothes to wear, and what kind of food I wanted to eat. I would get my nails and makeup done at the salon, and have my older sister do my hair. I wanted to do something fun like miniature golf, go-carts or a movie. One day when I was thinking about all this I got kind of scared that my date was not going to be the fairytale that I always wanted. When I was young, my friends and me would always play in my sister’s makeup bag. Then we got to her nail polish and painted each other’s fingers and toes. We would put it on each other and pretend we were the prettiest girls in the world. We always went through her closet to find some cute outfits or some kind of high hill shoes that we can try on. We would walk Continue...

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By the end of the night I was exhausted from all the dancing and excitement. We have five years between us so she is a little older. When that special day came I did everything I wanted to do. I would always watch her get ready to go out with her friends, or when she had a date. I got to go shopping for new shoes and tights. through my hall way and act like we were modeling for famous brands. He took me to Scandia where they have arcades, go cart, miniature golf and water boat rides. My sister is my best friend, I looked up to her my whole life. When the day of the wedding came my mom put some blush and lipstick on me, I felt like someone special. My mom would always tell her what time to be home and don't forget to turn of the porch light. I could not believe everything I dreamed about really came true. There was a rehearsal for the wedding party so we knew what to do when we walked down the aisle.


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