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When the thought of music comes to mind I never really looked past the music that I listen to on a day to day basis which consists of country, pop, R&B and rap. I never really gave any other types of music a chance. All of this has changed since I have taken Enjoyment of Music. In this class I learned that modern day music is not the only music that I could listen to and enjoy. I always believed that classical music was boring, but in the end I came to realize that I do really enjoy it. After the first day of class and learning that I would have to go to five classical music concerts I was not really thrilled. Throughout the semester and attending these five concerts I have come to the conclusion that I really do like classical music. Classical music to me can not only be enjoyable, but a tool. I learned that while Continue...

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Also it can make you feel better in a variety of different situations. listening to classical music while I was studying helped me concentrate more and all and all helped me do better on tests. I thought writing the responses was a good component to go along with attendance because I could express my reaction to the concert by writing what I liked and what I did not like about it. This music class really opened my eyes to what music actually is and what I was missing out on. For some reason I always thought classical music sounded the same, but after attending the concerts I realized that I was wrong. I think writing the responses were an excellent way to reflect on all the music that you heard. Also I learned a lot about classical music than I ever thought I would. These concerts made me realize that classical music can change from soft to loud in a matter of seconds and that makes the music all the more powerful. I have also just recently noticed that I have been listening to classical music a lot more than the music that I would usually listen to. With this music class we had to attend five concerts. I found that my favorite musician is Vanessa Mae, the violin player. The concerts were all so powerful and had different meanings which made them interesting. Her music can help me concentrate, relax, and make me feel better any time. An example of a situation would be when I was really frustrated after a hard day and did not want to listen to any kind of pop or rap music, so I turned on classical music.


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