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The Babysitter In relation to “The Babysitter” by Robert Coover, the story illustrates the behaviors of the characters and the embodiment of their sub-consciousness. Coover has the structure of the story as fragments of interconnected events and images to illustrate an evening episode of a babysitter taking care of the children while a couple attends a cocktail party. The fragmented storyline becomes an experience itself for the unsuspecting reader, it is written on multi-levels that are simultaneously played out. It is the same storyline that included different endings such as, the babysitter being raped by her boyfriend, Jack and his manipulative companion Mark, the father carrying out his lustful pursuit of seducing his own children’s babysitter, the baby drowning in the bath tub, and furthermore some peaceful endings. This structure of “The Babysitter” parallels the graphics exposed on the television while the babysitter struggles to watch them in the various scenes, she continues to switch between channels. The TV displays mainly programs of either a love story drama with the invalid wife, or a murder mystery. Unfortunately, the character can only view fragments of each show and keeps switching back and forth from Continue...

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The subjects of Coover's story are the needs of children, teens and adults, rape, sexual promiscuity, murder, obesity, masturbation, and voyeurism. When thinking about the real world, I think that what Cover is trying to convey is very true. However, Coover constantly through out the story attempts parallel the event's of "The Babysitter with programs on TV, "A man married to an aging invalid wife, but in love with a younger girl. Even though the story is told by a narrator from 3rd person view Coover has all the characters express their point of views. This way Coover shows that everyone has these thoughts, doesn't matter what age you are, or sex, or your personality. Coover didn't give the babysitter a specific name, which made her an occupation a girl is performing rather then an individual person. Jack another character in the story who is suppose to be the babysitter's boyfriend has fantasies and fears. Tucker has constructs scenarios were things go wrong, like the babysitter cracking her head. However, in this passage the actual description of what is happening on TV doesn't start until, "a trapdoor the whole first part is a generalization that is not important for what is happening on TV but is important to explain what Coover is trying to convey in his story "The babysitter. Through out the story Coover parallels events in his story with events that are happening on TV. Other characters in the story also have taboo thoughts about the babysitter. Jimmy's scenario makes sense if you fill in the missing spots for him, however, he would originally think of it incoherently. Saved! No, his dad grabs him and whales the dickens our of him... sends him whack back to bed. In on scene he catches her in the tub and gets in, and the babysitter reacts as if this is what she wants.


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extents on at least two languages combined in different ways, as when a Malay/English bilingual says: This morning I hantar my baby tu dekat babysitter tu lah (2333 9 )

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extents on at least two languages combined in different ways, as when a Malay/English bilingual says: This morning I hantar my baby tu dekat babysitter tu lah (2353 9 )