How to control stress

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I am sure that the most of you agree with the point of view that stress is part of our lives. Have you ever thought what causes stress? There are many sources of stress in our lives. Stress comes with life-changing events, such as illness, marriage or divorce problems, losing or getting a new job. Stress also comes with all of life’s daily hassles, traffic jams, arguments and other small irritations. Often these stresses are beyond our control. While it may be seem simpler to ignore the stress, it is not as easy to do that and actually this creating more problems, not Continue...

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You need to understand how to control your stress. In addition, exercise is a natural response to stress. You should always remember that maybe you can't ignore stress, but you can reduce it by control it. Furthermore, the moment that you feel stress, you can go for a walk. As an example, you can write a poem or draw something. You can go swimming or play a game like volleyball or soccer or whatever game you like. By expressing those feelings and talking about your problems to others, like a good friend or someone else, is a valuable way to reduce stress. I hope you can try to control your stress! . Second, believe it or not, crying can also reduce stress! It's part of our emotional healing process. Whenever you feel that you are stress enough, all you need to do is to try to control your stress, and this can be done by following these steps. This may also be a good tension reliever and it can help you to forget your problem. Firstly, stress affect our emotions and feelings. Controlling your stress needs daily practice and determination.


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